The Priests of the Sun was a Sedrian religious sect that ruled Sedri from the city of Fitsay with the help of a force-sensitive coral communal intelligence called the Golden Sun. The leader of the Priests was the High Priest of the Golden Sun Cardo.

Some time during the Galactic Civil War, Karak, a former member of the Priests of the Sun became power hungry and wanted the power of the Golden Sun for himself. He rallied up an army of renegades who believed that all Sedrians should have access to the power of the Golden Sun, and started a war against the Priests. Karak also received help from the Galactic Empire, who had established a garrison on the planet after accidentally discovering it. Karak planed to share the Golden Sun's power with the Imperials and also offered them Mors Odrion, a Rebel Alliance diplomat who had been previously captured by the renegades. During the civil war, the Priests were also helped by a group of Rebel troops that came to the planet to retrieve the missing diplomat, as well as former renegades of Karak that had lost trust in him after they have learned about the agreement between him and the Imperial forces.

After Karak along with his remaining renegades attacked the Sun caves, the place where the Golden Sun was held, the Priests and the Rebel forces managed to dissipate the power of the Golden Sun to all the Sedrians, cutting of Karak's power supply. The former Bishop of war was later arrested and imprisoned for his betrayal.


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