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The hesten were a species of primates.

"When our ancestors were still howling primates, our galaxy was ruled by a species that could create, reconfigure or destroy star systems according to some unimaginable whim."
―Dr. Insmot Bowen[src]

Primates,[1] also known as simians,[2] were an order of mammals that exhibited the characteristics of apes or monkeys, such as fur, fingers, and opposable thumbs. Because of their similarity to Humans,[1] which were primates themselves,[3] those species were often referred to as humanoids, though it depended on their sentience designation. Most primates gave birth to a single live young at a time, although multiple births were not unheard of in Humans.[1] Examples of non-Human primates included the hesten, momongs,[4] Taurill,[5] and nightmare demons.[6] The wampas, which were reptomammalian creatures, were also linked to primates.[1]

Taungs and Humans were considered to be a simian species. The avian Quor'sav species had several insults to use against simians.[2]



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