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"The princess? She's here?"
Luke Skywalker[6]

A prince,[4] or feminine equivalent princess,[1] was a member of a noble family, especially the son or daughter of a king[4] or queen.[1] A prince or princess was generally preordained to succeed his or her reigning parent as the sovereign.[4]

Roola was a Hutt princess who ruled the moons of Syvris before she was kidnapped by the Hutt gangster Pashda, who had been contracted by the Mon Calamari Basz.[7] Although she was the daughter of a defrocked Jedi Knight and a senator[1] of humble origins,[8] Leia Organa became a princess following her adoption into the Royal Family of Alderaan.[1] If not for the destruction of Organa's adopted homeworld, her son Ben Solo would have been born as the Prince of Alderaan.[9]

In later years, Organa would eschew the title of princess in favor of the role of general in the Resistance against the First Order, allowing only her close friends to use the title.[10] In fact, the title no longer carried much political weight in a New Republic determined to uphold democratic ideals.[11]



Lee-Char, prince of Mon Cala

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