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"Princess Kneesaa's Birthday" (Spanish: "El Cumpleaños de la Princesa Kneesaa") was a short comic drawn by the Beaumont Studios in 1986. It was published in Spain by Editorial Gepsa, under the MyComyc imprint and in Castilian.[1]

Rich Handley's plot summary[]

The Ewok village celebrates Kneesaa's birthday with a grand party, and Chief Chirpa asks for Wicket's help in picking berries. The Duloks plot to trap the Ewoks as they harvest, but Wicket notices the unwashed Duloks' body insects, and Paploo chases them away with his horn.[1]


That story, along with other Star Wars-themed comics featured in MyComyc, were long forgotten in the decades following their release. They were rediscovered in 2013, when a fan named Adolfo Rodriguez mentioned them on the DarkHorse.com forums. Star Wars author Abel G. Peña translated them into English, while his colleague Rich Handley re-lettered them. The translated comics were then made available for download on their respective websites on April 10. The original writer is unknown.[1]


According to Randy Stradley, Vice President of Publishing for Dark Horse, Lucasfilm Ltd. was unable to locate proof that Editorial Gepsa actually licensed its MyComyc strips back in 1986, despite their bearing the appropriate copyright information. However, both Handley and Peña suspect that the licensing did occure, although the former has claimed that the "the strips' legitimacy is considered suspect for now, and Dark Horse has no plans to reprint them unless documentation emerges." As a result, the events featured in Princess Kneesaa's Birthday are considered ambiguously canon.[1]


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