Principles of Power was a book written by Galactic Emperor Palpatine for the exclusive use of the Moffs who served in the Imperial government below him. Despite its classified nature, the publication was advertised for public sale in 16 ABY, after the rise of the New Republic. That year, while searching for information about his mother,[1][2] Jedi Master Luke Skywalker viewed an advertisement for the volume while in a courtesy cab operated by the Galactic Archives, a dealer who ran a book shop in Trader's Plaza, Talos spaceport, on the planet Atzerri. The advertisement also touted the H'kig book of laws, the Sith book of offerings and rituals, and a book that purported to teach techniques to form group minds like the Bilar species. Despite a discount for the purchase of three or more volumes, Skywalker dismissed the books as likely frauds.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Principles of Power is mentioned in Shield of Lies, a novel written by Michael P. Kube-McDowell and published by Bantam Spectra in 1996.[1]

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