Prinn was a male Human Soldier from Alderaan and a member of the Galactic Republic during the time of the Cold War against the Sith Empire.


Prinn was present along with General Gesselle Organa, Blenks and Kan'grell inside Alderaan's planetary generator, protected by a tremendously powerful force field, which was powered by siphoning off power directly from the generator. However, a Sith apprentice of Darth Baras managed to get inside and sabotaged the generator to force it into the backup mode—cutting off any excess power drains, thereby deactivating the Organa force field.

Prinn, Organa, Blenks, and Kan'grell encountered the Sith Warrior after the apprentice slaughtered all their troops. Organa decided to make an offer to the Sith, which he refused. The Sith, who was looking for information about Organa's former handmaiden Jaesa Willsaam, started to torture Blenks, who was Organa's lover. Refusing to watch him die, Organa revealed that the Jedi Padawan Jaesa Willsaam's parents were still servants at Castle Organa. After getting the information on Willsaam's parents, the Wrath executed Organa and her bodyguards, including Prinn, for defying the Empire.


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