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"This wasn't war... It was just violence."
Laurita Tohm[src]

The Prism Riot occurred in 19 BBY at The Prism, shortly after the Gentis coup. Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader, Moff Trachta, and Lieutenant Laurita Tohm brought the mortally wounded Emperor Palpatine to the prison in order to heal him in a secure location.

The riot

The Prism

The hidden Jedi prison, the Prism.

Lacking loyal or trustworthy soldiers, Tohm suggested to Vader that the prisoners of the Prism be released and allowed to fight for them, which would allow them to retake Coruscant from General Gentis. Vader amended Tohm's idea, and rather than simply releasing the prisoners, he forced 207 of them to fight one another, as well as Tohm and himself, for the right to serve the Galactic Empire. The battle was vicious and wild, with casualties mounting quickly. Separatist sniper Shonn Volta allied herself with Tohm after saving his life from General Ur'Loach, while Vader defeated Nax Cirvan, a fallen Jedi, who then submitted to the Dark Lord.

In the end, only thirty-three prisoners survived in fighting condition, including Volta and Cirvan. Vader ordered Trachta to tell the survivors what it meant to serve the Empire. Trachta told the survivors that their crimes were now forgotten, but their reasons for committing them were not—they would now serve an institution not beholden to the "selfish" senators of the Republic, nor the Jedi Order. The prisoners knelt before Trachta and the others, becoming Imperials through their submission.


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