"I cannot believe that a smuggler would put himself at such great risk to help the Wookiees. You are truly a hero."
Mon Mothma to Han Solo[src]

The Prison Break on Kashyyyk occurred during the Galactic Civil War, when Han Solo rescued his friend and copilot Chewbacca from a prison camp on Kashyyyk, provoking a battle between Imperial and Rebel forces.


"The Empire is in a stir about events unfolding on Kashyyyk. It appears that Wookiees are being freed by a former Imperial soldier turned rogue smuggler."
Mon Mothma[src]

Wookiees are free.

Some time prior to the Battle of Yavin, Chewbacca was captured by the Galactic Empire and was held in a prison camp on his homeworld of Kashyyyk. Han Solo traveled to Kashyyyk in order to rescue Chewbacca and, if possible, dozens of other Wookiees.

The battle[]

Rebel assistance[]

Learning the initiative of Han Solo, Mon Mothma sent troops on Kashyyyk to help him to liberate the Wookiees. The smuggler and the Rebel troops attacked each prison on Kashyyyk one at a time until they located which one held Chewbacca, inciting Wookiees to riot and join their cause along the way.

Mon Mothma and Han Solo talking about the liberation of the wookiees.

Vader's arrival[]

Not wanting to lose an invaluable workforce for the Death Star, Darth Vader went to Kashyyyk and reinforced a pair of 74-Z speeder bike mounted scout troopers with a number of stormtroopers and vehicles, most notably TIE Maulers and All Terrain Scout Transports in order to repress the rebellion.

The Empire managed to crush the revolt and kill many Wookiees and Rebel forces. Furthermore, they were able to maintain their steady supply of Wookiee slaves to help construct the Death Star. Despite the Imperial victory, Han Solo and Chewbacca were able to escape, leaving Kashyyyk in the Millennium Falcon. A stormtrooper reported to a Field Commander. He informed his superior of Solo's escape, but told him that the Imperials had succeeded in wounding him. The commander told him to take up the possibility of locating him, saying Solo "must be made an example of."


Han Solo: "I didn't do that for your Rebellion or your gratitude. I've got bills to pay."
Mon Mothma: "The Alliance is always in need of help, remember that if you ever find yourself out of work."
Solo: "Sorry, but I've got my own problems to worry about. If you have a job for me - one that pays - feel free to look me up. Until then, I'll stick with causes that are more... lucrative."
―Han Solo and Mon Mothma[src]

Although the revolt was crushed and the Rebel reinforcements defeated, Han Solo managed to escape Kashyyyk with his Wookiee friend, Chewbacca.

Behind the scenes[]

This battle was the fifth mission of the Rebel campaign and the sixth of the Imperial campaign in the 2006 video game Star Wars: Empire at War. The events described in this article consist of a combination of events from both missions.



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