"Prithi from Chalacta, groomed from childhood to be an adept until the irresistible lure of snub-nose starfightering intervened."
Leia Organa introduces Prithi[1]

Prithi was a Force-sensitive Chalactan female from the planet of Chalacta. From birth she was trained to join the Chalactan Adepts however she was drawn away by a love of piloting starfighters.

During the Galactic Civil War she became a pilot for the Rebel Alliance, where she performed with enough skill and was deemed trustworthy enough to be selected by Leia Organa to be part of a team to uncover a mole within the alliance. The team worked entirely off the books, with only Mon Mothma knowing of their existence outside of the team's members. As well as discovering the mole they were also tasked with finding a suitable planet on which the alliance could set up a new base.

During the group's training, Prithi became attracted to one of her fellow pilots, Luke Skywalker, and the two began a relationship. Their fraternizing was a concern to Leia Organa, who eventually grounded the both of them for conduct detrimental to the team. However, Prithi and Skywalker redeemed themselves by rescuing their team from an Imperial ambush, and they were restored to full status.

Prithi was involved in a covert mission to the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, Devastator, but her devotion to Skywalker compromised the mission, when she refused to leave her comrades when they took too long infiltrating the vessel. Skirting protocols to prevent Imperials from following her, she executed a single hyperspace jump back to the Rebel fleet, leading an Imperial force back to the Rebellion. Although the Alliance warded off the attack, Prithi decided to abandon the Rebellion and return to Chalacta.


Early life[]

"I know you went against your parents' wishes and abandoned your theological studies on Chalacta to join the Alliance…"
―Leia Organa[2]

Prithi was born on the planet Chalacta[1] to two parents that wished for her to pursue theological studies and become a Chalactan Adept.[2] Although she had been born with a measure of Force-sensitivity, Prithi was eventually declared unfit by the order. This was due to her poor concentration, owing to her belief that she was destined for a greater purpose away from Chalacta.[3] Against her parents' wishes, Prithi abandoned her studies and decided to pursue becoming a pilot for the Rebel Alliance against the ruling Galactic Empire.

Upon joining the Alliance, Prithi's file compiled for her was short, compared to the other pilots, but her skills were at a level to get her noticed by Alliance High Command. Rebel leaders attributed the lack of information on her to the fact that she had spent the majority of her life training on Chalacta, but other leaders, such as Leia Organa believed the lack of information was indicative of a lack of research on the part of those that had accepted her into the Alliance, and that her file was most likely incomplete.[2]

Rebel pilot[]

"One last thing…Prithi, my Chalactan pilot."
"You vetted her, I assume?"
"I did. Her folio was thin, but I attributed that to a limited life history as an adept in training on her homeworld."
"Do you think her file may be incorrect?"
"I think it might be incomplete."
―Leia Organa and Mon Mothma[2]

Prithi flirting with Luke Skywalker during their training mission

Two months after the Battle of Yavin,[4] Prithi was selected by Princess Leia Organa, one of the Rebellion's leaders, for a special mission. Alongside several other Rebel pilots, Prithi was addressed by Organa who stated that the gathered group was now part of a commando team under her direct command, with the Rebel pilot, Wedge Antilles, as her second. The group had been assigned to root out an Imperial spy who was interfering with the Alliance's attempt to find a new base. As a result, the team was going completely off the grid, reassigned and taken off the books. Although Prithi was hesitant to leave her post and her friend behind, Organa claimed that the assignment would be only temporary. After the team had been introduced to one another, each member of the group was given a stealth X-wing starfighter, designed for the mission.[1]

As part of Gray Flight, Prithi was assigned the call sign, Gray Seven, and the team began training exercises. In one exercise, to practice extravehicular retrieval, Prithi was stranded in space to be retrieved by another pilot. Gray Five, the Rebel pilot Luke Skywalker, zeroed in on Prithi's location and picked her up. Prithi flirted with Skywalker during the operation, but she was reprimanded by Organa who wanted the exercise to be professional. However, as they put in coordinates to return to the Rebel fleet, Skywalker decided to make several different stops before returning, to throw off anyone who might be tracking them. On the flight, Prithi and Skywalker became better acquainted, as the cockpit did not give them much personal space. Upon returning, both Skywalker and Prithi were reprimanded by Organa for taking their time to meet back at the rendezvous. Prithi was confined to quarters, and Skywalker and Prithi were grounded until further notice. Organa personally told Prithi that she would not be flying in the next few missions and assigned her to assist the protocol droid, C-3PO, in rewiring the team's holosimulators.[2]

Tracking the mole[]

"Chalactans believe that all the natural laws of the universe also exist within us, and the goal of the adepts is to strive to understand them and be illuminated. The Force is one of these natural laws."
"You were in training to become an adept, right?"
"I was, but I was deemed unfit. I couldn't concentrate. I always felt pulled in other directions, like I was meant for bigger things."
―Prithi and Luke Skywalker[3]

Prithi is revived by Mon Mothma after returning to the Rebel fleet.

Skywalker and Prithi continued to fraternize during their grounding, and Prithi learned of Skywalker's Force-sensitivity. During one of their meals together, Prithi noticed Skywalker talking to the spirit of Ben Kenobi, a Jedi Master who had instructed Skywalker in using the Force. Kenobi had warned Skywalker that Leia Organa was in trouble, and the two pilots readied their X-wings to mount a rescue.[5] Using coordinates given to him by Kenobi, Skywalker and Prithi departed the fleet to where Organa was.[3] At the given coordinates, the two Rebels discovered Gray Flight surrounding Organa's heavily damaged X-wing. However, Imperial forces were inbound, and they had only a short window until their enemies would arrive. As Prithi reached out in the Force to sense when the Imperials would arrive, Skywalker worked to set up a trap for the Imperials. As Organa sealed herself in her wrecked starfighter, Skywalker pulled a proton torpedo from the craft, armed it, and used the Force to push it and several ion engines into the path of the oncoming Imperials.[6]

Prithi notified the group moments before the Imperials hyperspace jumped into their location, and Gray Flight fired their torpedoes at the engines and the attached torpedo. The resulting explosion disabled the Imperial's Star Destroyers and its TIE Interceptor squadron, allowing Gray Flight to escape. Upon their return to the Rebel fleet, Prithi became aware of how much Skywalker cared for Leia Organa. Seeing him agonize over Organa's injuries was all Prithi needed to confirm that he cared more for the Rebel leader than he did for her. She took her bag and departed from Skywalker, ending their relationship.[6] Following the rescue mission, Prithi continued to work with the Alliance and alongside Skywalker to uncover the Imperial spy. Their next mission involved smuggling their way on board the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Devastator to slice into Imperial systems and identify the mole in their ranks. To get aboard, Skywalker and Wedge Antilles piloted a YZ-775 medium transport to Imperial space with Prithi smuggled aboard in her X-wing.

Using false transponder codes, Antilles and Skywalker met with the Devastator. Prithi detached from their ship as her fellow Rebels were taken aboard, and she attached her ship to Devastator with magnets as backup should their mission be compromised.[7] As the mission proceeded, Prithi meditated in her concealed X-wing to conserve oxygen.[8] The mission was extended further than they anticipated, and Prithi's R5 astromech droid awoke her from her meditation and informed her that her life support system was running dangerously low. Prithi was unable to get ahold of her fellow Rebels on the comm but continued to try to contact them. Although her astromech droid wished to abandon the mission, Prithi demanded that they stay, even if they had to abandon the security protocols of making several hyperspace jumps before returning to the fleet.[9]

However, the time at which oxygen needed to return to the fleet would expire, came and went. Prithi was forced to make her escape from the Devastator without Skywalker and Antilles. Upon her return, she was struggling to stay alive. Unconscious, Prithi was cut free from her locked down starfighter by Rebel technicians, but signs of life were not readily apparent, her body cold to the touch. Mon Mothma herself administered chest compressions, and Prithi briefly woke to recognize the Rebel leader. Severely hypoxic, Prithi was given a rebreather and rushed to sick bay.

Leaving the Rebellion[]

"It's hard to shake a shaky reputation, and people know about us. But that's not the whole reason I'm going back to Chalacta"
"The Force."
"Not all of us can be Jedi, Luke. Clearly that's your path, but my Force sensitivity is telling me to head a different way. On my homeworld, there are refuges for people to explore their talents and their faiths. It is a noble thing."
―Prithi and Luke Skywalker[10]

Prithi and Luke Skywalker hug goodbye following her decision to leave the Rebel Alliance.

It was apparent that Prithi's skirting of protocols had given the Empire the chance to follow her ship, and Mothma ordered for the fleet to prepare for attack. Her beliefs were confirmed when Devastator arrived, having followed Prithi from her single hyperspace jump.[11] In ensuing battle, Prithi was recuperating in the med bay, but she reached out in the Force to contact Skywalker, who had escaped from Devastator. Prithi apologized for having to abandon them, and encouraged Skywalker through the attack. The Rebels warded off the attack, when their commander, Colonel Kell Bircher, was revealed to be a double agent for the Alliance, ordering his entire squadron to surrender to the Rebellion.[12]

Although Prithi's failures had worked to the Alliance's advantage and allowed Bircher to return to the Rebel fleet, she still felt guilty. She resolved to leave the Rebellion and return to her homeworld of Chalacta. Skywalker tried to convince Prithi to stay, claiming that no one blamed her for what had occurred during the mission, but she did not believe him. She claimed that her failings had compromised her reputation and it would be difficult to rebuild it. However, she had another reason for leaving. The Force had called out to her again, sending her on a different path. She wanted to explore her Force-sensitivity on one of her planet's spiritual refuges, despite the love she still had for flying. Once she had made her decision, Skywalker hugged her goodbye, and she told him that she believed he would do great things in the future.[10]


"It's obvious you have feelings for her, Luke. Figure it out."
―Prithi to Luke Skywalker[6]

During their mission to infiltrate the Devastator, Wedge Antilles claimed that he would be including Prithi in the successor to their stealth squadron, a group he would call Rogue Squadron.[11] However, her departure from the Rebellion left her out of the newly formed group. Prithi's belief that Skywalker would go on to do great things was proved true,[10] as he became a hero of the Rebellion and revived the Jedi Order.[13]

Personality and traits[]

"What's the problem, precisely?"
"Discipline, right now. But there's something else that's difficult to put my finger on. She and Luke Skywalker are…close. She's a distraction."
"I'll send an informal request through back channels. Let's meet again in two days. But tell me—to whom is she a distraction? To Luke Skywalker? Or is their relationship a distraction to you?"
―Mon Mothma and Leia Organa[2]

Prithi kisses Luke Skywalker after their training mission.

Prithi was a talented pilot and a valuable supporter of the Rebel Alliance. Her piloting abilities were impressive enough that she was noticed by Alliance command and selected by Leia Organa for a special mission to root out an Imperial spy within the Rebel ranks.[1] During the training exercises for the mission, Prithi became attracted to Luke Skywalker and pursued a relationship with him. However, this attraction would cause her to neglect her sense of professionalism, causing her commander to temporarily ground her.[1] After being brought back into active duty, Prithi's affection for Skywalker caused her to risk the location of the Rebel fleet, as she refused to abandon him aboard the Devastator. This nearly caused her death, as her life-support systems failed during the long wait for her comrades to return from their mission. This oversight forced her to return to the fleet without making the appropriate hyperspace jumps to ward off pursuing vessels, leading the Imperials back to the Rebellion.[9][11] Her failures during this mission caused her to abandon the Rebellion, believing that her reputation had been damaged by the risks she had taken and how she had endangered the Rebel fleet. Although she still loved being a pilot, she felt that she was destined for a different purpose.[10]

Prithi had a minor talent in the Force, which was honed during her time training to become a Chalactan Adept. However, she was unable to concentrate on her studies, believing that she was meant for a different purpose. This feeling made her abandon her training and join the Rebellion.[3] Prithi used her Force abilities to speak with Skywalker over distances, increasing the bond between them when she discovered his own Force-sensitivity.[3][12] She was also able to use her abilities to sense danger, and was able to warn her superiors about impending attacks from Imperial soldiers.[6] Following her mission to the Devastator, the Force called her to return to her studies, and she abandoned the Rebellion to return to Chalacta and develop her Force-sensitivity.[10]

Behind the scenes[]

Prithi first appeared in the second issue of the comic book series simply titled Star Wars published by Dark Horse Comics. The issue was written by Brian Wood, illustrated by Carlos D'Anda and colored by Gabe Eltaeb. It was released on February 13, 2013. Prithi appeared throughout the first arc of the comic, In the Shadow of Yavin, and also played a role in the second arc, From the Ruins of Alderaan. By the end of the second arc, she left the Rebellion and ended her relationship with Luke Skywalker.


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