"I told them the foreman would be no match for a Jedi."
"Foreman? Let's hope you're right!"
―Cikatro Vizago and Kanan Jarrus[src]

Proach was a male Trandoshan who served as a foreman in the Mining Guild on the planet Lothal in 1 BBY. When the Spectres hijacked crawler 413-24, the foreman fought briefly against the Lasat Garazeb Orrelios before falling to his death.


A violent approachEdit

"Drop the weapon and step away from my friend, you knuckle-brained lizard."
―Garazeb Orrelios threatens Proach[src]

Proach was a Trandoshan male[2] who worked for the Mining Guild during the reign of the Galactic Empire.[1] In the year 1 BBY,[source?] he was serving as a Guild Slave Master[2] and foreman on the planet Lothal,[1] overseeing the slaves that worked on the ore crawlers[2] that the Guild were using to strip resources from the planet's surface for the Empire. Proach was onboard crawler 413-24 in Lothal's southern hemisphere when the crawler was boarded by the Spectres, a group of Rebel Alliance operatives hoping to use the vehicle's long-range transmitter.[1]

The Rebels managed to capture the crawler's Captain Seevor and take control of the vehicle's bridge while Proach was in the rear half of the crawler with the slaves. After the Rebels saw that an internal communication had been sent from the rear, the Jedi Kanan Jarrus and the Lasat Garazeb Orrelios moved to the back section of the crawler to investigate, splitting up as they entered. Jarrus discovered the slaves, including his friend Cikatro Vizago, who assumed Jarrus had already defeated Proach. As the pair spoke, the Trandoshan attacked Jarrus from behind, lashing at him with his electro-whip, which the Jedi managed to block with his lightsaber.[1]

Clash of the titansEdit

"Kanan! Up here!"
"I'm coming Zeb! Hang on!"
―Garazeb Orrelios shouts to Kanan Jarrus while fighting Proach[src]
Proach vs Kanan

Proach stands over an incapacitated Jarrus.

As Jarrus blocked, Proach's whip wrapped around the lightsaber's handle, allowing the Trandoshan to jerk it from Jarrus's hand and disarm him. Proach then wrapped the whip around Jarrus with a second lash and shocked him with it, causing the Jedi to collapse. As the foreman loomed over his incapacitated foe, Orrelios opened fire with his bo-rifle from one of the walkways above, distracting the Trandoshan. Using his whip, Proach then pulled himself up to the Lasat's level and charged at him, engaging him in unarmed combat and disarming him. Orrelios then rushed at Proach and lifted the Trandoshan, charging him out onto an open walkway between the two sections of the crawler.[1]

Proach then suplexed the Lasat and after the pair exchanged several more blows, the Trandoshan gained the upper hand and began slamming Orrelios's head repeatedly into a metal bar before trying to drop him over the edge of the walkway. Orrelios managed to freed himself using his feet, then grab Proach with his legs and pull him over the edge as well. With both combatants now hanging beneath the walkway, they again began to exchange blows. Jarrus then ran out on another walkway below the pair, and after Orrelios shouted down to him, the Jedi dashed off to try and reach the fight. Proach then drew out his whip and began trying to hit the Lasat with it, eventually ensnaring his foe's arm and beginning to shock and pull Orrelios so that he would fall.[1]

Resisting the shock, the Rebel yanked the whip and dragged Proach forward into a metal bar, causing him to fall from the walkway. With the Trandoshan now only hanging on to the whip wrapped around Orrelios's arm, the Lasat began to struggle to hold on while bearing both their weights. Fortunately for the Rebel, Proach's strength gave out first and the Trandoshan tumbled to his death in the smoky depths of the crawler below. Orrelios then also lost his hold, but was caught by Jarrus before he could fall. After Seevor was killed while trying to sabotage the crawler, the Rebels successfully took control of the entire vehicle.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"You got a big surprise coming."
―Seevor hints at Proach's presence on the crawler[src]

Proach was a ruthless[2] and agile[3] individual who was both an imposing presence and a deadly warrior.[2] He had green skin, orange eyes and stood taller than Garazeb Orrelios,[1] who was 2.1 meters tall.[4] The Trandoshan appeared greatly afraid while hanging from just his whip, and cried out in terror as he fell.[1]


Proach wore a yellow and blue Mining Guild uniform including a helmet.[1] He used an electro-whip.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Star-wars-rebels-408-trivia-gallery-5 85a08597

Pat Roach, whom Proach was named after, as he appeared in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Proach first appeared in "Crawler Commandeers" and was voiced by Clancy Brown.

His character name is a tribute to actor Pat Roach, who played the burly mechanic that Indiana Jones brawls with in Raiders of the Lost Ark.[5]



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