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"The case is inconclusive, but the processor doesn't appear to be at fault. The subject claims he committed crimes simply 'for love of money.'"
Industrial Automaton investigators, after interviewing 4-LOM[src]

A processor was a type of component used in droids so that they could function without the aid of a signals from a centralized computer. Types of processors included basic and heuristic processors. When a droid was built properly, it was usually the processors that were the starting point, followed by the physical structure.[1]

Processors enabled droids to perform a variety of specialized functions. Advanced processors of the BX-series droid commandos allowed them to react quicker than their battle droid cousins, making them more effective combatants.[2] The Automated sabacc dealer droid had sophisticated processors which enabled them to quickly spot cheaters.[3]

Processors could be located in different parts of a droid's structure. In the B1 battle droid, a specialized movement processor was located at the back of the head.[1] The central processor of the hyena-class bomber droid was located in its starboard hull unit.[4]. The processor of the HMP droid gunship was located in a cockpit-like structure underneath the hull.[5]

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