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"Take your feet off the table! You complain of sand in my food - when you put your feet on my dinner table? You have the manners of dragons!"
Grake when confronting Hethrir's Proctors over quality of dinner.[src]

Proctors was a youth movement used by the Empire Reborn between 13 to 14 ABY. They were mainly composed of Force-sensitive male adolescents recruited by the Imperial Procurator of Justice Hethrir at his base of operations on his private Worldcraft.

Proctors wore blue jumpsuits covered with medals and were armed with lightsabers. Proctors served as Hethrir's fighting force and their duties included supervising the rest of the children held captive at Hethrir's Worldcraft and escorting him anywhere he went. Those who performed remarkably were recruited into the elite Empire Youth.

All members were required to undergo a purification ritual involving the creature Waru at Crseih Station. If a participant failed in his ritual and was slain by Waru, the other Proctors present were sworn to uphold the secrecy about his death.

Following the death of Hethrir during a skirmish with the New Republic at Crseih Station, the surviving Proctors were taken into custody by the New Republic.

Behind the scenesEdit

Proctors may have been modeled after Hitler Youth. Both organizations have been use as fighting forces by their leaders, in this case Hethrir.



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