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The title of Proctor was used among the Yevetha for a subordinate official deputised to perform a specific role by a high-ranking nitakka.[source?]

Aboard a capital ship in the Yevethan military, the title of proctor seems to have been held by many subordinate officers. For example, the "proctor of communications" was the bridge officer responsible for ordinary hypercomm signals, although classified transmissions and the associated encryption technology were among the security-related responsibilities of the "proctor of information science", sometimes described simply as the "proctor of information". Additional personnel described as proctors include the conn officer of the Aramadia-class thrustship Tholos, and Tal Fraan, who assisted with tactical planning aboard Glory of Yevetha. The officers in charge of fighting the ship had different titles, such as the weapons master and tactcial master, but aboard the flagship Pride of Yevetha, a trio of "fire control proctors" were based in the fire control center to allocate targets to specific weapons batteries.

As ruling Viceroy of the Duskhan League, Nil Spaar had a very large number of proctors, some of whom were very high ranking figures. Because the flagship Pride of Yevetha was the ruler's personal vessel, the ship's commanding prelate was simultaneously ranked as the viceroy's proctor, and shared the ship's bridge with the "proctor of defense for the spawnworld", charged with the protection of the N'zoth system, and assisted by the "second proctor of defense".

There were also additional proctors aboard Pride of Yevetha who were personal adjudants to the ruler rather than members of the crew - when Tal Fraan's insight into Human psychology came to Nil Spaar's attention, he was was reassigned from his role as a proctor aboard Glory to serve in an advisory capacity with the title of "proctor cogent", while Vor Duull, proctor of information from the consular ship Aramadia was also transferred aboard the flagship to oversee the viceroy's private communications. Not all aides were necessary proctors, however, with Eri Palle, the assistant whose duties kept him closest to the viceroy, being referred to simply as "first attaché."

The viceroy also had additional proctors who were clearly not naval officers, holding various responsibilities on N'zoth and perhaps other planets of the Duskhan League. Some of these had relatively restricted roles. At the viceroy's palace in the capital city of Giat Nor, even the guard at the entrance was known as the "gate proctor", while a secondary viceregal residence near the spaceport city of Hariz boasted a resident "proctor of labor", who was spoken of as a member of the viceroy's local "office", and was responsible for processing applications from local marasi seeking to join the ruler's harem.

Other local proctors on N'zoth were more important figures in the Duskhan League's administration. The "proctor of records and antiquities" was in charge of the official archives, including captured documents from the Imperial occupation, while the"proctor of Giat Nor", sometimes called the "city proctor" was analogous to a mayor for the capital city, and had an official residence that was separate from the viceroy's palace, as well as aides and attendants of his own.


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