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Profoggs were small rodents that were native to Tatooine. They possessed a forked tail, sharp incisors, horns, and powerful digging claws.


A profogg den.

Builders of complicated underground "towns", these rodents were the scourge of many an eopie rider, who were often thrown to the ground when their mount stumbled over a hole.

Each profogg town could span several hectares, and contain 50 to 100 profoggs, with each compartmentalized burrow serving a specific function to the community (i.e. nursery, food storage, etc.). The biomass of these complexes was often quite high, as each individual weighed between 10 and 25 kilograms. Due to a high birthrate (6-8 young per litter, 6-8 litters per year) there was a healthy population of the creatures throughout the wilderness. Empty burrows would often be colonized by gorgs, ibians, and kreetles. Profoggs were often the prey of womp rats, and scurriers would often steal food from profogg towns. A major source of food for profoggs were molo seeds, but they also had a penchant for raiding moisture farm gardens. The farmers often set off stink capsules to discourage them.



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