"In accordance with the Emperor's will we've occupied Zeffo, "redistributing" its inhabitants. This planet has failed to yield significant data or relics for Project Auger. Its electromagnetic winds have rendered the bulk of our mining technology useless. Meanwhile, more troopers lose their lives to dangerous fauna. We will not be able to fulfill our directive here. It is my recommendation that we disband the project and leave a token outpost to keep scavengers from stealing our technology."
―A stormtrooper[src]

Project Auger was a Galactic Empire directive carried out under the will of Emperor Palpatine. The project involved the occupation of the planet Zeffo, and Imperial mining operations to excavate the many ancient artifacts on the planet. The inhabitants of Zeffo were displaced so that the Empire could occupy the world, though Zeffo's magnetic winds made the Imperial technology malfunction. The project was stagnant until the ambitious Officer Krane took leadership. Krane was a reckless leader, and many of her troops and workers died due to mining accidents, Zeffo wildlife, or cave-ins. Officer Krane herself died while hiding an artifact that she thought would gain her favor with the Emperor. The project was set to be cancelled, but it was started up after the former Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis uncovered two ancient Zeffo tombs. After being reactivated, Project Auger saw an influx of Imperial forces, including stormtroopers, Purge Troopers and the Inquisitor known as the Second Sister, who sought to hunt Kestis down.[1]

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