"They could build up a map of anomalous hits and find all sorts of things. Smugglers' bases. Deep-space assembly points."
"And hidden Alliance bases.
Eurrsk "Grinder" Thri'ag and Commander Wedge Antilles[src]

Project Morrt was a covert operation carried out by Admiral Apwar Trigit, under the command of Warlord Zsinj.

Named for the Gamorrean parasite, Project Morrt commissioned the creation of the Morrt-class parasite-droid, an espionage droid with a tracking system for starship movements.

The Morrt droids would attach themselves to various ships and track their movements over time. The droids would occasionally detach from a ship and move to another, in order to map hyperspace traffic patterns. These patterns would then be used to determine the deployment of empion mines.

Upon detonation, the empion mine would send a signal to Zsinj's forces, which would be investigated by a Zsinj-allied ship like Night Caller or Implacable. During one of these ambushes, Wraith Squadron was able to capture Night Caller and learn the nature of Project Morrt. The New Republic then located the Morrt droids infesting their fleet, and used them to create a false traffic pattern which would lure Zsinj's forces into a trap.

Although intelligence analyst Gara Petothel was able to detect the New Republic's misinformation, Wraith Squadron was still able to lure Zsinj's ships Provocateur and Constrictor into a trap and destroy them in the Morobe system. This event marked the end of Project Morrt.



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