"Project Resurrection. Kidnapping children."
"Rescuing. Forging them into an army the likes of which this galaxy has ever seen."
―Iden Versio and Gideon Hask[src]

Project Resurrection was a clandestine operation supported by the First Order and overseen by their allies, such as Jinata Security. The purpose of the operation was to turn child conscripts—thousands of whom were abducted from outlying systems—into new stormtroopers for the First Order army. It also included data on the construction of over a hundred vessels within the Unknown Regions for the First Order Navy, including blueprints on the Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought.[2]

Rumors of Project Resurrection eventually reached the Resistance. One of their operatives, Shriv Suurgav, was sent to investigate. The operation was eventually uncovered in the Jinata system by Suurgav's old friend, Del Meeko. After killing Meeko, Gideon Hask was asked by Gleb—the Aqualish protectorate of Vardos and a member of Jinata Security—if the project would continue as planned. Hask stated that it would not be the case, as their operation may have been compromised. Gleb assured Hask that the Pillio operation would be relocated while her men tripled their efforts on Athulla. After Iden Versio's death aboard the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Retribution, Suurgav returned to the Resistance with Zay Versio, to inform General Leia Organa about the First Order's rearmament program.[2]



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