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"It seems Senator Organa has found a ship works sympathetic to our cause, and willing to manufacture more of these B-wings in secret."
"Project Shantipole will continue under my supervision, of course."
Jun Sato and Quarrie[src]

Project Shantipole was a venture devised by the Mon Calamari master engineer Quarrie[1] to develop a blockade buster starfighter.[4] Based on the planet Shantipole, the project's major output was the "Blade Wing" Prototype B6. After it successfully broke the Imperial blockade of Ibaar in the year 4 BBY, Senator Bail Organa found[1] Slayn & Korpil,[2] a shipwright sympathetic to the rebellion, was willing to manufacture more of the starfighter in secret under Quarrie's supervision,[1] which eventually gave birth to the A/SF-01 B-wing starfighter.[5]

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