"My designs are not machines… I control the power of life itself. I will create the ultimate weapon for the Emperor."
―Borborygmus Gog, to Darth Vader[src]

Project Starscream was a series of scientific experiments run by the Galactic Empire. The project was aimed at creating an army of supersoldiers for the Empire. Among the scientists working on the project were the Shi'ido project leader, Borborygmus Gog, and the notorious criminal Doctor Cornelius Evazan, who was recruited for his expertise in the reanimation of dead tissue. Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader themselves took a personal interest in overseeing the project.

There were five main preliminary experiments in the project: an attempt to take control of the living planet D'vouran, Evazan's experiments in reanimating the dead on Necropolis, research into a plague virus on Gobindi, a "Nightmare Machine" on Hologram Fun World, and an "Essence Stealer" on Nespis VIII. Some of the work reached back to the early days of the Empire, however, not all were successful, when Gog and his fellow Shi'ido scientist Mammon Hoole's experiments into the nature of life wiped out all life on the planet Kiva, leaving only wraiths behind. While Hoole blamed himself for the disaster and went into exile for many years, Gog and Palpatine had intentionally set up the experiment to exterminate the Kivan people.

In 0 ABY, Mammon Hoole and his young Human wards, Tash and Zak Arranda, came across the Project Starscream experiments in their travels, and managed to disrupt or shut down each one. While these encounters may have appeared random to his adopted niece and nephew, Hoole was deliberately attempting to atone for the destruction on Kiva by destroying the project which had built upon those earlier experiments.

Finally, their travels took them to the planet Kiva, where they joined with a group of Rebels led by the Heroes of Yavin to destroy the project. On Kiva, they encountered a powerful being named Eppon, who was to have been the prototype for an army of similar beings. Tash Arranda used her attunement with the Force to convince Eppon to turn on Borborygmus Gog, which forced Gog to destroy his own creation. Gog was then killed by the wraiths, who had discovered that he and Palpatine (and not Hoole) were responsible for the genocide on Kiva.

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