"Don't start—I'd rather die than become a Project Unity drone."
―Zare Leonis to Lieutenant Chiron, rejecting Chiron's offer to commute his death sentence[src]

Project Unity was the codename for an operation by the Galactic Empire to re-condition individuals who were resistant to the Galactic Empire's efforts and policies. Project Unity was billed as a way to correct the misguided beliefs of these individuals. In truth, however, Project Unity was a combination of psychological manipulation and pharmaceutical conditioning designed essentially to brainwash these individuals. At least some individuals in the program were held at the Imperial Academy on the planet Arkanis.[1]

After disrupting Imperial mining operations on the site of what was once his family's jogan fruit orchards, Beck Ollet of the planet Lothal was arrested by the Empire and placed in this program. The program seemed to succeed, as he gave up information on Zare Leonis, who had arrived as a supposed Imperial cadet on the planet, but was really seeking to free his sister, Dhara, from Imperial custody. Leonis was not convinced that Ollet had truly been broken and tried to remind Ollet of the reasons why they had both come to hate the Empire. Ollet was not convinced and Leonis was nearly executed. For his last meal, he requested two jogan fruits and used them to stimulate Ollet's senses, breaking through the Empire's conditioning and allowing him to remember why he had rebelled against the Empire. Ollet then assisted in the rescue of his sister.[1]



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