"Ben…Ben, please! Ben. Leia! Hear me! Leia!"
Luke Skywalker calls for Leia Organa[src]

Projective Telepathy was a a Sense-based power used by Force-sensitives to communicate with others at long distances and relay words without speaking. The recipient would be able to hear the sender, and feel their emotions. The process was easier if the recipient and the sender are emotionally close.

It combines the perceptual abilities of Sense with the more direct discipline of Alter, allowing the Force-sensitive to put the voice into the mind of another. This is however quite difficult to accomplish and even some members of the Jedi Council did not achieve this. It would be far easier to give a fellow Jedi a general "warning" sense than to convey a detailed message including the number of attackers and the weapons each is carrying. Telepathic species such as the Hortek and Draethos (species) are naturally gifted in this skill.[3]



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