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"You're from Khuteb? Promencius Four? One of those Old Tionese colonial backwaters, I imagine, though I can't place the dialect."
"One of those."
―Everi Chalis and Hazram Namir — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Promencius Four was a colonial backwater situated in the Tion Hegemony[1] of the Outer Rim Territories,[2] where it was considered rare to see a sanitation station.[1] In 3 ABY,[3] the Rebel Alliance First Sergeant Hazram Namir was asked if he was from a Tionese backwater such as Promencius Four or Khuteb by the former Imperial governor Everi Chalis based on his dialect. Namir confirmed that he was from a Tionese planet, and Chalis later learned that it was named Crucival.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Promencius Four was mentioned in the 2015 canon novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, written by Alexander Freed.[1]


Notes and references[]

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