Prophecy of the Five

Krynda Draay sees the Five on Coruscant as Raana Tey watches.

"And in the time of tribulation to come, there will be five… One for the darkness… and one for the light. Another from the darkness stands in the light, while one from the light stands in the darkness. The last one stands apart from all. And between them… between them… all that has been built will fall."
―Krynda Draay[src]

The Prophecy of the Five was a prophecy made through a Force vision by Jedi Master Krynda Draay in 3988 BBY. In it, she predicted that the next conflict with the dark side of the Force would have five key figures, ambiguously described by their allegiance, that were going to lose whatever thing was built between them. Young Raana Tey, a Togruta seer training under Krynda, eavesdropped while she was having the vision. Years later she would tell Zayne Carrick of the prophecy during their duel on Taris in the Jedi Tower, seemingly associating the Five to the Sith threat she and the other Masters of the First WatchCircle foretold in the Rogue Moon Prophecy, their own Padawans, five who would see the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order collapse between them. Carrick retorted that it may have referred to "five traitorous evil Jedi Masters."

Both the Masters of the First WatchCircle and their Padawans were actually five, but Raana Tey, Q'Anilia, Xamar, Feln and Lucien Draay murdered their students. Zayne was Lucien's Padawan, and he escaped. Since he set out to expose the Jedi Covenant, the cabal to which they belonged, the Masters were removed from Taris and reassigned to different postings, Feln and Raana Tey died, and Xamar confessed to the Jedi Council before being killed himself by the Republic fleet. Krynda's aide Haazen then declared the prophecy to be fulfilled.

Haazen later revealed that he had been manipulating the prophecy for years. He then declared who the real figures in the prophecy were:

  • Lucien was the one from the darkness
  • Zayne Carrick was the one from the light
  • Q'Anilia was the one from the light who stands in the darkness
  • Gryph was the one from the darkness who stands in the light
  • Haazen was the one who stood apart from the rest

The Jedi Covenant itself that Krynda and Haazen had spent decades to build, as each figure in the prophecy played a role that led to its dissolution.


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