The Proscribed was a term used by the Pius Dea to designate their opponents, including political dissidents and religious heretics and apostates. They were the target of Inquistions within the Senate, military and greater society organized by the sect which controlled the government bureaucracy of the Galactic Republic during the Pius Dea Era. They were exiled or imprisoned and their assets were seized for pontifical auction. Their families were also barred from political and military life for three generations, allowing the Pius Dea to monopolize the state machinery.

By the 11,100s BBY, a decline in the Republic's expansionary fortunes led the Pius Dea to launch internal Inquisitions within the Core Worlds and Colonies. Many of those Proscribed were tried and executed in mass trials. These developments sparked widespread resentment and hatred towards the sect which led to the emergence of an opposition movement known as the Renunciates which was backed by the Caamasi, Alsakan and the Jedi Order. In 10,967 BBY, a Pius Dea Civil War broke out which pitted Renunciates against the Pius Dea Faithful which culminated in the demise of the Pius Dea at the Battle of Uquine.


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