The Proteans (also sometimes called Protreans) were sentient beings indigenous to Nathas I which was located within the Questal sector. Their natural states resembled man-sized gelatinous blobs made up of protoplasmic clay. An advantage they gained from this evolutionary trait was the ability to change their shape and mold it into other forms. They could even change their coloration, allowing them to hide by blending in, making it easier to capture prey, which they would consume through absorption into their gelatinous bodies.

Members of the species tended to have low intelligence, though they were quite capable of understanding basic commands. For instance, they could be taught to assume humanoid forms with practice. In Protean society, groups would consist of five to ten individuals. To reproduce, two Proteans would combine with each other, molding their malleable bodies together into one. Once they had mated in this way, they would form a stone-like spherical cocoon, and remain inside for a standard year. After the year had passed, the cocoon would crack, and the "parents" would emerge with their "child".

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