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"I was just speaking with Security."
"Yes, with their investigative arm. I'm talking about the arm that handles protection of high-profile targets such as, oh, you."
"And they're estimating increased danger for high-profile targets?"
"No, just for you."
―Chief of State Natasi Daala and Chief of Staff Wynn Dorvan discussing the threat level against Daala during the funeral of Cha Niathal[2]

The protection division was the arm of the Coruscant Security Force that was responsible for protecting the Chief of State and high profile government leaders of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. It also provided intelligence and threat assessments for the GA Chief and ministers they protected. Their responsiblies were briefly taken over by the Galactic Alliance Guard in 40 ABY and later permanently by Galactic Alliance Security in 44 ABY.


"We'll also be providing close protection for Chief Omas and key ministers, to relieve CSF, and monitoring for them."
―Colonel Jacen Solo briefing GAG troops[3]

The CSF had been given the responsibility of the protection of the Chief of State, serving as bodyguards on and off planet. When Jacen Solo became suspicious of Chief of State Cal Omas, he had the GAG relieve the CSF of the responsibility of protecting Omas, allowing the GAG to better monitor the Chief of State. Over the course of the war, Jacen Solo had turned to the dark side of the Force and became the Sith Lord Darth Caedus. Through a bloodless coup during which Omas was arrested by the GAG for treason, Caedus and Admiral Cha Niathal became Co-Chiefs of State of the Galactic Alliance, although, Caedus retained direct control of the GAG.[1]

Shortly after the coup the CSF received an alert of an intruder in Cal Omas' apartment, where he was under house arrest. Caedus had suggested to Ben Skywalker that Omas was responsible for the recent murder of his mother, Mara Jade, and so Skywalker broke into Omas' apartment to murder him. While Omas and Skywalker talked, the CSF attempted to enter the locked-down apartment to no avail. During their conversation, Skywalker realized that Omas was not at fault, but Omas knew that a fake death would not fool Darth Caedus, and he impaled himself on Skywalker's lightsaber. When the CSF officers finally breached the door, they threw two stun grenades into the room, but Skywalker used the Force to send them back out, stunning the officers and allowing him to escape. Omas, meanwhile, had rigged himself to a bomb that would detonate with his death. The CSF officers in the lobby saw Skywalker running toward them and attempted to stop him, but he was able to convince them to leave before the bomb on Omas exploded.[3]

Later, an individual used the name of CSF "Captain Koltstan" as a front to sign off on the funeral procession for Admiral Cha Niathal, who had committed suicide after Daala ordered that she be arrested and tried for her actions during the recent war. A quick investigation showed that no "Captain Koltstan" existed in the CSF, and Daala ordered the CSF to find out who had really paid for the procession. Though they failed to prevent Cal Omas' death, the CSF continued to protect the Chief of State with bodyguards and intelligence information. As a result of Niathal's suicide, Daala's public approval ratings dropped steeply. Therefore, the CSF's protection branch believed that someone might try to attack Daala, and they suggested that she not attend the funeral. Daala was reluctant to comply, but her Chief of Staff, Wynn Dorvan, convinced her to take the CSF's advice. The CSF reported that the threat level against the Chief of State during the procession went up significantly.[2] Soon after that, protection of the Chief of State became the responsibility of Galactic Alliance Security.[4]


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