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Protector was a Victory I-class Star Destroyer that served as the flagship of Imperial Admiral Harkov.


Harkov's involvement in the development of the TIE Avenger made Protector one of the first ships to have received the new starfighters.

Protector during the Sepan Civil War

The Protector served various duties, such as the command ship of Imperial Navy forces in the Sepan system during the Sepan Civil War as well as escorting convoys carrying construction supplies and equipment secretly headed to the Death Star II as was discovered by Rebel pilot Ace Azzameen. It was involved in Harkov's defection and evaded capture for a short time after the Admiral's demise. Eventually Protector was hunted down by Imperial forces. Despite assistance from the Rebel Alliance, in the form of the MC40a light cruiser Warhawk, and several CR90 corvettes and Delta-class JV-7 escort shuttles, and one of Harkov's EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigates, Akaga, Protector was destroyed by Imperial starfighter forces led by Maarek Stele.


A (presumably fictionalized) account of the exploits of the Protector were recorded in the holo-serial The Voyages of the VSD Protector. Amongst the accounts related was an encounter with a slivilith.

Behind the scenes[]

The Protector is first shown in the TIE Fighter computer game, where it is described and depicted in gameplay as a Victory-class Star Destroyer. In one cut-scene set during the Sepan campaign, the Protector appears as an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, due to the footage being recycled from a generic return-to-base scene.

In 2008, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia stated there were three different Victory-class Star Destroyers called Protector in the Expanded Universe. Two were used by the Empire : this one and an other, a Victory II-class Star Destroyer.


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