Proto 12 was one of 12 TIE Defender prototypes created by Grand Admiral Zaarin.


When Grand Admiral Zaarin betrayed the Empire and failed to abduct Emperor Palpatine. He had contingency plans to give him an edge in his war against the Empire. He attempted to loot his Research station but was defeated by loyalist forces lead by Colonel Maarek Stele, after his first attempt to retake it failed, he decided to destroy the platform. His efforts to destroy the TIE Defender technology was thwarted as Proto 12 and its sister ship Proto 11 escaped the station onto a freighter Mharsup. The freighter was to rendezvous with modified corvette group Hashim. However, the rendezvous point was attacked by Rebel forces but, Maarek Stele prevented their capture. They escaped to the next destination only to be ambushed and disabled by Rneekii Pirates. After Stele drove of the pirates the disabled corvettes called for support and both prototypes were to be picked up by Cargo Ferry group Mssan. The ferries soon became attacked by Rebel forces again, but while Stele engaged the Rebel starfighters, another pirate faction known as the Nami lead by crime lord Ali Tarrak arrived close to the corvettes, and captured Hashim 1 stealing Proto 11 before Stele could intervene. Proto 12 was taken to, then, Admiral Thrawn who upon learning of the potential threat of TIE Defenders no longer just under Zaarin's possession, constructed a new starfighter to counter the Defender, the Missile Boat. By the time the fighter was given its mission, Tarrak already acquired the Chief scientist to construct her own TIE Defenders and planed to proliferate the technology, in particular to the Rebels. Her plan was foiled by Thrawn's new starfighter.


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