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"The Empire has some new plan, as evidenced by Protocol 13… It is the immediate evacuation of all Imperial personnel from an occupied planet."
Mon Mothma[src]

Protocol 13 was an order used by the Galactic Empire that, when issued, started the immediate evacuation of all Imperial personnel from an occupied planet. Use of the order could be followed by devastating events the Empire would unleash upon a world, such as the destruction of Jedha City by the Death Star.


"All Imperial forces have been evacuated, and I stand ready to destroy the entire moon."
"That won't be necessary. We need a statement, not a manifesto. The Holy City will be enough for today."
"Target Jedha City. Prepare single reactor ignition."
―Orson Krennic and Wilhuff Tarkin[src]

Protocol 13 was used during the reign of the Galactic Empire to evacuate Imperial forces from an occupied planet prior to a devastating event. In 1 BBY, Alliance High Command discovered that the Empire had issued Protocol 13 for the planet Lothal. Knowing that it meant Lothal had little time left, this revelation helped Captain Hera Syndulla persuade the Alliance leaders to authorize an attack on the Imperial weapons factory on Lothal, where a dangerous new TIE Defender starfighter was being developed.[4] It was activated on Lothal by the rebel forces liberating the planet, to lure the Imperial garrison inside the Imperial headquarters in the capital city before launching it into the air and activating its self-destruct. Despite the intervention of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the ploy was successful, resulting in the destruction of the dome and the deaths of Governor Arihnda Pryce and the entire Imperial garrison.[1]

Protocol 13 was activated by Director Orson Krennic on the holy moon of Jedha[2] in 0 BBY,[5] where the Empire tested a low-powered burst of the Death Star's superlaser. After the evacuation of Imperial forces, a single reactor burst from the Death Star destroyed Jedha City. A short time later, during the Battle of Scarif,[6] Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin opted not to use Protocol 13[source?] when he used the Death Star to destroy the Imperial security complex on Scarif, resulting in the deaths of Imperial personnel on the planet.[6]



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