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"Madam, I am a protocol droid. Civilized is what I do."

Three models of protocol droid

A protocol droid was a droid whose job was to aid sentients with their etiquette and relations with each other in the galaxy. They often dealt with event planning, etiquette, translation, and problem solving.[2] Typically 1.67 meters tall and 75 kg in weight,[3] protocol droids came in many shapes and sizes, although most were humanoid in form.[4] They were equipped with a AA-1 VerboBrain. Some of the most successful models included Cybot Galactica's 3PO-series protocol droid, Industrial Automaton's LOM-series protocol droid, Arakyd Industries' RA-7 model, and Lothal Logistics Limited RQ protocol droid. Cybot Galactica manufactured its protocol droids on the factory world of Affa and also made them available as kits to hobbyists.[3]

Other models of protocol droids were P4T protocol droids, SA-5 protocol droids,[5] a model which included the individual JBLX-24,[6] the ancient[7] Autonomous Translator Module, Mark II,[8] the command bridge droid,[3] the ED-V8-series envoy droid,[9] NON units,[10] and PZ protocol droids.[5]

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In 34 ABY, the resistance protocol droid R-3DO watched as the Millennium Falcon left the planet D'Qar.[11]


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