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An A-wing firing a proton rocket

The proton rocket or heavy rocket was a type of warhead carried by starfighters to destroy heavily shielded or armored targets. Compared to the proton torpedo, the rocket packed considerably greater firepower, though at the cost of larger projectile size, speed and maneuverability.

Pound for pound, proton rockets may have been the most destructive weapon available, possessing a blast rating of three hundred and fifty BLS. Exceptionally powerful, a single rocket could take out an ATR-6 Assault Transport or Escort shuttle, while two could take out a Corellian Corvette.

The rocket suffered from a relatively low speed (exit velocity of eighty MGLT) and poor tracking ability. It was slow enough that it was liable to be intercepted by starfighters who could destroy it with one hit from their laser cannons, while transports and shuttles were able to break its lock with one evasive turn. Imperial Navy doctrine taught that rockets were best suited for relatively immobile targets such as capital ships and space stations. However, ace pilots such as the Imperial Navy's Maarek Stele, who often had the benefit of a fast delivery platform such as the TIE Avenger, were able to launch hit and run attacks on more nimble craft, such as transports and shuttles, by releasing the rocket at point blank range.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The proton torpedo and concussion missile are significantly less powerful compared to the rocket and bomb. These attributes are game mechanics, and these do not appear in any non-game canon sources.

Heavy rocket from Star Wars: TIE Fighter hangar screen.

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