Prototypes is a 12-page comic featured in Star Wars: Visionaries, written and drawn by Robert E. Barnes.

Plot summary[]

Durge and Master Jaing are attacked by a Cyborg guard creature at a medical facility they are invited to. They defeat the creature without killing it. Once inside, they speak with a doctor about their upcoming operation. Both survived their procedures, but Durge kept trying to heal himself during his operation. Afterwards they begin their training. They begin to fight with another being who received cybernetic enhancements. Afterwards, the doctor tells them that in payment, they are to protect him from a group of Mandalorians, hired by a man he stole an object from, they are loyal to Ung Kusp. Afterwards the mandalorians immediately burst through the door, and a large fight begins, where they are beaten back and then throw a thermal detonator, severely wounding Jaing and Durge. They almost take the object, a Sith artifact, but Durge stops them. The doctor says that the mercenaries will return for the artifact, so Durge goes to fight the Mandalore. The doctor tells Jaing that together, they have set the stage for a Sith vs. Mandalorian war.


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