"Prow Beaten" is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Ewoks. Written by Bob Carrau and directed by Dale Schott, the episode originally aired on ABC on November 8, 1986.

Plot summary[]

The Fishing Festival[]

The episode opens with Shodu Warrick and her daughter Malani working on a net for the upcoming Fishing Festival, a big event at Bright Tree Village. Meanwhile, Wicket and Teebo asked Chief Chirpa if they could help with the Fishing Festival in anyway. They come across Master Logray, who has summoned a golden object. Chief Chirpa tasks Wicket and Teebo with cleaning his canoe, which they reluctantly accept.

Dulok terror[]

Meanwhile, the Dulok leader King Gorneesh lords over his subjects, who row a battleship through a river. Gorneesh's wife Queen Urgah asks when she get a turn steering her boat. Gorneesh replies that this is not a boat but a battleship. He hopes to wreck the Ewoks' fishing festival and steal their fish. The shaman Umwak praises Gorneesh's plan. The Dulok king asks what they can test their battleship on and spots a Skib's nest in the river. Under Gorneesh's orders, the Duloks use a catapult to destroy the wooden nest with three volleys. The Duloks laugh maliciously and the King believes his battleship is ready.

The canoe ride[]

After cleaning and scrubbing the canoe, Wicket and Teebo carry it into the water. Shortly later, the boys are joined by Kneesaa and Latara. Latara asked the boys for a ride on the canoe. Kneesa warns her that they can't use the canoe without her father Chirpa's permission. Wicket disagrees, claiming that he is in charge of the canoe until the Fishing Festival. Wicket convinces them to hop in for a ride, which the girls oblige.

During the voyage, Teebo tries to flirt with Latara but gets distracted. The ride ends abruptly when the boat hits a rock, dumping the foursome into the river. Once Wicket and the others have pulled the boat ashore, they realized that the special prow carving was missing from the front of the canoe. Fearing Chirpa's wrath, Wicket led the others in a search of the river. The Ewoks dive into the river but Wicket and Kneesaa only find branches. Teebo encounters a tortoise-like creature while Latara finds a jellyfish.

Kneesaa soon encounters her father Chief Chirpa and Master Logray on the riverbank. Wicket and Kneesaa claim that everything is alright and that the canoe will be ready soon. Teebo is worried that Chirpa will punish them for losing the prow carving. Wicket reassures the other Ewoks that the prow carving must have washed downstream. He leads the other Ewoks downstream.

Dulok entanglements[]

Meanwhile, King Gorneesh's battleship has gotten stuck on a sandbar. Gorneesh whips his subjects to get them to push the ship fast but ends up losing his balance and falling into mud. Umwat tries to calm the king but then spots the lost Ewok prow carving in the water. He retrieves it and presents the Ewok prow carving to King Gorneesh, claiming that it brings them good luck for their Fishing Festival.

The Ewoks watch the Duloks conversing from behind several reeds. Kneesaa says they have got to get it back and Wicket agrees. Seeing a floating lotus, Wicket has an idea. The Duloks attach the prow carving to the prow of their battleship, with Gorneesh vowing to harry the Ewoks. Meanwhile, Wicket and his friends sneak to the ship under lotuses. When the four tried to retrieve the carving, they were captured brought onboard the Duloks' battleship by Gorneesh.

Sinking the battleship[]

The Ewoks were then forced to help the Duloks row their way to Bright Tree Village, and Latara didn't hesitate to place the blame on Wicket. During the voyage, King Gorneesh and Queen Urgah are splashed by the Skibs, who are angry at Gorneesh for wreckign their home. Teebo relays the Skibs' words to Wicket, who has an idea. As the voyage continues, Wicket asks Teebo if the Skibs are all set. Teebo, who can understand them, replies that the Skibs will love to get even with the Duloks.

At Wicket's signal, the Skibs collectively grab the battleship from behind, causing to pick up speed. Gorneesh is thrown overboard while several other Duloks are caught on a hanging branch. Kneesaa and Latara run for the catapult. Queen Urgah tries to stop them but falls overboard. Wicket then commandeered the battleship and used its own catapult to fire bring about the ship's destruction by crashing a rock on it. The rock smashes through the battleship, causing it to sink into river.

As the Ewoks cheer, they are attacked by an enraged Gorneesh, who tries to hit them with a club but ends up smashing a hole in the ship's prow. He chases them around the ship, smashing the battleship. After Kneesaa spots a log ahead, the Ewoks abandon ship. Gorneesh's battleship crashes into the logs, with the impact causing it to break apart. After abandoning ship, Wicket and the others watched in horror as the Ewok prow carving sank to the deep along with the ship. The Ewoks are despondent but Kneesaa says they will have to tell her dad the truth. The grateful Skibs pass the Ewoks a log so that they can float to safety. The Duloks rage in defeat with Gorneesh vowing vengeance.

Facing the music[]

That night, Wicket explained the whole ordeal to Chirpa. The four became extremely worried of Chirpa's punishment; Wicket feared that the chief would have him bound to a pole and shot with stones, Teebo that he would been vaporized with magic, Kneesaa fears that she may be outcast from home, and Latara fearing the loss of her trinkets. But instead Chirpa commended the young ones and merely asked that they put a new prow carving on the boat. Wicket and the others were so surprised by Chirpa's words that all four of them passed out right then and there.



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