A prybar found by Mara Jade in the dungeons of Takara's stronghold

A prybar was a hand tool that could be used as a lever to force open containers or to move unwieldy objects. Prybars could easily damage the objects that they were used upon, so they were used only in cases when the user had exhausted all other means at his or her disposal, or did not care about damaging the object.

During her escape from the dungeons of Takara's stronghold, Mara Jade discovered a prybar in a cell. Attempting to force the hydraulics to open the door with her bare hands likely would be foolhardy endeavor, so she instead used the prybar to do it and her effort met with success. Obi-Wan Kenobi was known to have owned a prybar during his exile on Tatooine, and kept it on a workbench in the cellar of his hut.

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