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The Pryce family was a Lothalite human family that lived during the Imperial Era. The family owned Pryce Mining before being forced to sell the company to the Galactic Empire in order to prevent Governor Ryder Azadi from taking over. Arihnda Pryce went to work for Senator Domus Renking on Coruscant before joining and double-crossing the Higher Skies Advocacy Group. Arihnda subsequently became Governor of Lothal and oversaw the Imperialization of her homeworld. Her parents Talmoor and Elainye Pryce found work managing a mine on the planet Batonn.


Losing Pryce Mining[]

The Pryce family consisted of the mining foreman Talmoor Pryce, his wife Elainye, and their daughter Arihnda. When Arihnda came of age, she became the manager of her family's mining company Pryce Mining, whose assets included a doonium vein near Capital City. Pryce Mining supplied doonium to the expanding Imperial Navy. During the early Imperial Era, Governor Ryder Azadi tried to take over Pryce Mining by buying a 21% stake in the company. When Arihnda objected, Azadi had Elainye's mother imprisoned on trumped up charges of embezzlement.[1]

Arihnda sought Senator Domus Renking's help. In return for helping Elainye, Renking pressured Arihnda into letting the Empire buy up a controlling stake in her family's company. As compensation, Renking offered Arihnda a job running one of his citizen assistance office for Lothalite expatriates living on Coruscant. Talmoor and Elainye also found work managing the Creekpath Mining and Refining complex on the planet Batonn. While working for Renking, Arihnda discovered that her employer was trying to defraud Moff Ghadi, who blackmailed Pryce into working for him. Due to a funding cut, Pryce lost her job with Senator Renking; who blamed her for the crisis.[1]

Turn of fortunes[]

After working at the Proam Avenue Citizen Assistance, Pryce joined her friends Driller MarDapp and Juahir Madras' Higher Skies Advocacy Group. Under Juahir's tutelage, Pryce also learned martial arts and trained under the Togorian master H'sishi at the Yinchom Dojo. Pryce subsequently discovered that Higher Skies was using bodyguards to spy on Imperial officials and projects on behalf of the insurgent leader Nightswan. At the advice of the-then Captain Thrawn and the Imperial Security Bureau Colonel Wullf Yularen, Pryce became a double agent for the Empire. After learning that Moff Ghadi wanted to use Higher Skies' information on Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin to gain an advantage over Tarkin, Pryce exposed Higher Skies and Moff Ghadi to Grand Moff Tarkin in return for getting the Governorship of Lothal and getting Thrawn's friend Eli Vanto promoted to Lieutenant Commander.[1]

Arihnda spent a year learning the ropes of her job as Governor before returning to Lothal. Pryce oversaw the expansion of Imperial industry, mining, and military bases on Lothal. Seeking revenge against Senator Renking for exploiting her, she shut down Pryce Mining after discovering that the mine had exhausted its doonium reserves. Pryce also successfully lobbied for Lothal to be the site of an expanded Imperial Navy presence in that region of the Outer Rim Territories. Knowing Renking's corruption, Pryce also manipulated Renking into bribing Governor Sanz of Kintoni into sabotaging her world's bid. As a result of Renking's arrest, Pryce eliminated political opposition to her rule on Lothal.[1]

The Batonn insurgency[]

Meanwhile, Pryce's parents Talmoor and Elainye grew disenchanted with Batonn's corrupt Governor Restos, who ruled the planet on behalf of the Empire. During the Batonn insurgency, the insurgent survivors of the Battle of Scrim Island retreated to the safety of the Creekpath mine, resulting in a siege by Imperial and the Batonn Defense Force. Talmoor and Elainye were sympathetic to the insurgents' aims. These insurgents were led by Nightswan, who had staged a showdown with Pryce's ally Admiral Thrawn. Fearing for her parents' safety, Pryce traveled to Batonn to extract them.[1]

She accompanied an undercover ISB Agent named Gudry who was tasked with planting explosives to disable the mine's shield generator. A disagreement broke out between Arihnda and Gudry when she insisted on evacuating her parents prior to the anticipated Imperial attack. Gudry refused since he did not want to draw their attention. Arihnda killed Gudry and then blew up the explosives cache to hide the evidence. The resulting explosion killed Nightswan, all the insurgents in the mine, and many civilians. While Talmoor and Elainye were unaware of their daughter's role in the bombing, they became increasingly disillusioned with the Empire. Arihnda sought to rationalize the Empire's actions by claiming that the insurgents provoked it.[1]

Confronting the Rebellion[]

In response to the Phoenix Cell's activities in the Lothal sector, Governor Pryce enlisted the services of Grand Admiral Thrawn, who had been promoted for his role in suppressing the Batonn insurgency.[2] Pryce fought members of the Phoenix Squadron on several occasions and even took part in an unsuccessful operation to capture former Senator Mon Mothma, the founder of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[3]

Pryce suffered a major humiliation when she blew up the Lothal City fuel depot in an attempt to destroy the Spectres rebel cell. Though her actions killed the Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus, Pryce also destroyed the Empire's fuel supply on Lothal and knocked out Thrawn's TIE/d "Defender" Multi-Role Starfighter factory. This incurred the wrath of Thrawn and he promised to deal with her when he returned to Lothal.[4]

In an attempt to curry back Thrawn's favor, Pryce led an ill-fated attack on the Lothal cliff dwelling only to be captured by the Spectres and Ryder Azadi's Lothal resistance group.[5] Pryce later perished aboard the Imperial Planetary Occupation Facility known as the "Dome" during the Liberation of Lothal.[6]

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