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"Puggles loves the smell of detonite!"
―Puggles Trodd[src]

Puggles Trodd was a diminutive Lasat bounty hunter.


Trodd was a demolition expert, using grenades and other bombs instead of blasters. He particularly enjoyed watching the explosions he himself caused. He was fond of using smoke screamers, a type of bomb that caused screeches as well as black clouds of smoke.

Trodd was an occasional ally of fellow bounty hunters Jodo Kast and Zardra. However, Trodd was clever enough to not trust either of them, while at the same time be thankful of the blaster support they could provide. Apparently, Trodd retained a certain amount of conscience that Kast and Zardra did not; thus, Trodd did not help them when they tracked some of their targets.

After Kast and Zardra had some problems due to a botched operation on Taboon, they met with Trodd again for the hunt for Adar Tallon. Kast had been approached by Imperial Captain Parlan of the Relentless, who had received new information on fugitive Tallon's activities on Tatooine and wanted to send a team of bounty hunters to capture him. Trodd joined again with Kast and Zardra for this job, again fearing them but wanting a part of the bounty.

Trodd and his partners met unexpected opposition in the form of a Rebel team, sent to rescue Tallon from the Empire. Both teams fought each other twice and, although Trodd, Kast, and Zardra survived, Tallon finally left with the Rebels. The Empire blamed Zardra for the failure of the operation, and she became a fugitive herself. Nonetheless, Kast and Trodd continued working with Zardra occasionally.

However, after other failed operations that almost got them killed, Jodo Kast finally decided to end his partnership with Zardra and Trodd on Dura-Kahn. Kast was eventually tracked and executed by Boba Fett.



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