The Pulras were sentients indigenous to Kuras III, which they called "Host". They shared their planet with two other species, the Aganof and the Hairy Savages. They were amorphous, gelatinous creatures with a highly flexible physical structure, allowing them to change their shape and color.

Pulras were omnivores, whose flexibility evolved both to trap prey and to avoid predators. Though they had no conventional sensory organs, they were able to sense their surroundings using a form of sonar. They had a wide variation in size, ranging from 20 milliliters to over 150 liters, though most Pulras were around 50 cubic centimeters. Pulras reproduced via fission—this was an unconscious process for them, triggered by natural biochemical and environmental stimuli.

Their natural shape-changing abilities were their most distinctive characteristics. They could change color, form appendages for use in combat or for manipulating their surroundings, or transform their entire bodies for a variety of purposes. They could even join into a "bind" with one or more other Pulras, forming a single, collective entity which combined the skills and abilities of each Pulra involved. Because of this natural cooperative ability, Pulras lived in large colonies of two dozen to over one hundred members. Disputes between Pulras were collectively settled by the colony. They generally got along well with one another, though the rare inter-tribal conflicts could be brutal.

When dealing with non-Pulras, they reacted better to groups than to individuals, since groups and collectives were more familiar to their psychology. Although they had long been aware of the Aganof, and knew they were an intelligent species, attempts to actually communicate with them were unsuccessful. Records also indicate their shapeshifting ability and flexible genetic code allowed them to join with other species, such as Humans, to form limbs or other simple organs. It is not known if any Pulras did become sentient prosthetic replacements in this manner, however. Pulras easily grasped the idea of space travel and beings from other worlds, but had no interest in acquiring the technology to leave their home planet.


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