The Pulsar Station was a Death Star-like system domination weapon planned by the Ciutric Hegemony.


It was a drastically scaled-down version of the original Death Star battle stations, inspired by the way the Emperor utilized the second Death Star at the Battle of Endor—for the destruction of capital ships.

Along its equatorial plane were a number of gravity-well generators to halt all hyperspace traffic in and out of local space. The superlaser was also scaled down and numerous superlaser emplacements were installed, each capable of destroying a Super Star Destroyer. Its capabilities were rounded off by half a dozen TIE wings and smaller anti-ship weapons.


Though detailed schematics for the station were created, there were never any intentions to implement such a weapon, which was supposedly being built into the moon of Distna in the Corvis Minor system. The designs were allowed to fall into the hands of the New Republic at the Battle of Liinade III. The Pulsar Station was nothing more than an elaborate charade by ex-Imperial Empress Ysanne Isard to lure Rogue Squadron to aid her in her quest to destroy her rogue clone and Prince-Admiral Delak Krennel.



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