The pulse-wave blaster, or pulse-wave pistol, was a ranged weapon seen as the predecessor of the blaster pistol. They were commonly in use c. 4000 BBY, but had been replaced by the first models of the standard blaster by 3956 BBY. By the time of the Rise of the Empire era these weapons were virtually extinct and considered archaic, however they were still used in the Outer Rim Territories and in Wild Space, particularly on backwater worlds.[2]

Description[edit | edit source]

Pulse-wave blasters operated with similar principles to a regular blaster, firing small packets of coherent energy at a target. The energy dissipated as it moved away from the weapon making it largely unsuited for long ranged engagements. This weapon, however, created a spatial distortion when fired, which altered atomic make-up and was thus deadly at close range. This effect was much like that of disruptor weapons, making even the most ancient of models that existed in the modern era illegal. Despite this, pulse-wave blasters were generally less powerful than their blaster successors.

The standard pulse-wave pistol cost 200 credits. It weighed 1 kilogram and fired 100 shots before its power pack needed to be replaced.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Variants of this weapon included the ATA Pulse-wave Blaster produced by Greff-Timms Industrial, the B-200 Pulse-Wave Needler, the C-202 pulse-wave blaster, the R-113 Pulse-Wave Blaster, and the U-13 Pulse-Wave Blaster.

A larger, rifle version of this weapon was the pulse-wave rifle.

History[edit | edit source]

The Krath war droids created by the Krath were equipped with pulse-wave blasters as their ranged weapon.[1] The Charr Ontee soldiers of Kathol used pulse-wave weaponry.[3]

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