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This article is about the weapon in general. You may be looking for MZ-8 Mobile Pulse Cannon.

IG-88's pulse cannon.

A pulse cannon was a powerful rapid fire weapon that fired a concentrated bolt of fusion plasma, generally in the form of an incredibly fast moving small orb of blue or purple light.

Generally not used by military forces due to their destructive nature, a pulse cannon inflicted extreme pain on its victim, quickly causing death as the extreme heat of the bolt burned through it's victim. Due to the above average speed of the bolts, and the rate at which they could be discharged from a weapon, pulse cannons were often used to take out groups of stationary or fast moving targets.

IG-88, a droid bounty hunter, carried a modified version of this weapon, as did Dash Rendar. The plasma cannons used by the Zann Consortium were sometimes referred to as a pulse cannon.

A phased pulse cannon was an especially powerful pulse cannon capable of destroying fast moving speeder bikes.[1]

By 16 ABY, large versions of these weapons were mounted on the New Republic's Nebula-class Star Destroyers.[2]

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