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"No, I was hungry. I went back to the mess."
―Punch states his alibi — (audio) Listen (file info)[3]

"Punch" was the nickname of a clone trooper who served as a member of Clone Sergeant Slick's platoon during the Clone Wars. In 22 BBY, he was part of a Jedi-led detachment of the Grand Army of the Republic sent to liberate the planet Christophsis from the Confederacy. Punch aided his unit in searching the planet for a strategic ambush site, but the Confederacy thwarted the Republic's planned ambush. After the clone troopers returned to the Republic base, Punch and fellow soldier Sketch went to the mess hall. When Clone Captain CT-7567 and Clone Commander CC-2224 interrogated the members of Slick's platoon to root out a possible Confederate spy, Punch and Sketch served as each other's alibis. Sergeant Slick himself was later outed as the turncoat and was apprehended.


"Right away?"
"Oh yeah."
"Anyone with you?"
"Sketch, sir."
―Rex verifies Punch's alibi — (audio) Listen (file info)[3]

The clone trooper nicknamed "Punch"[1] was cloned of bounty hunter Jango Fett on the planet Kamino to serve in the Grand Army of the Republic.[5] During the Clone Wars, he joined Clone Sergeant Slick's platoon.[4] In 22 BBY, in the seventh week of the war,[6][7] Punch was dispatched with a contingent of the Republic Grand Army—led by High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi General Anakin Skywalker—to liberate the planet Christophsis from the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[3] Once the Republic troops had set up a base on the world, Slick's unit reconnoitered the planet for an appropriate site from which to ambush the Confederate battle droids, eventually finding a double-towered business center. En route back to the Republic base, the platoon came across a detachment of B1-Series battle droids that were attempting to clear a major boulevard of Christophsian refugees. When the enemy droids discovered a crippled Christophsian and contemplated killing him, the clones intervened and eliminated the droids before returning to base.[8]

Punch and Sketch served as each other's alibis.

Sergeant Slick's platoon was stationed in the business complex's south-facing tower with General Kenobi and Clone Commander CC-2224, while Skywalker and Clone Captain CT-7567 were based with their troopers in the parallel north tower. As the Republic forces prepared to attack the Confederate droids below, the advancing column of droids unexpectedly split in two, and battle droids thereafter reached the south tower to attack the clones. Skywalker and his men arrived in the south tower to reinforce Kenobi's group, and they took a turbolift to the roof of the tower, where they retreated from the battlefield aboard clone pilot Hawk's LAAT/i gunship.[3]

After returning to the Republic base, Punch and fellow soldier Sketch went to the mess hall. As part of an investigation regarding a Confederate spy amongst their ranks, CC-2224 and CT-7567—nicknamed "Cody" and "Rex," respectively—tracked an irregular wavelength in external communications to Slick's barracks, leading them to suspect that a member of the platoon was the traitor. Hence, the two officers called the platoon back to its quarters to interrogate them one by one on their whereabouts earlier that evening. Punch and Sketch served as each other's alibis, but trooper Chopper was initially believed to be the spy, since he lied and claimed he had been in the mess hall with them. However, Slick was eventually revealed to be the spy before he escaped and sabotaged the Republic's gunships, AT-TE walkers, and weapons depot. When Gus spotted Slick running into the base's command center, Rex and Cody dispatched Slick's platoon to secure the perimeter while they proceeded to the command center. Rex and Cody thereafter managed to apprehend Slick.[3]

Personality and traits[]

Punch and the others discover Slick's treachery.

A Human male, Punch had black hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and stood 1.83 meters tall.[1] He was good friends with Sketch,[3] and they frequented the mess hall at the Christophsis base to the point that it became a habit.[1] As a result, they were able to verify each other's claims about being in the mess hall during Rex and Cody's interrogation. Later, Punch was visibly shocked when his own sergeant, Slick, was exposed as the Republic traitor.[3] Punch kept his soul patch goatee immaculately tidy. He was talented in combat, and his DC-15S blaster saw considerable use on Christophsis.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Punch first appeared in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars webcomic Shadowed and went on to appear in "The Hidden Enemy," the episode of the television series' 20082009 first season that the comic led into. In the episode, Punch was portrayed by Dee Bradley Baker, who voiced all of the series' clone trooper characters.[2]


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