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The Punishing One was a modified JumpMaster 5000 and the personal starship of the bounty hunter Dengar, which he acquired in 7 BBY.


Punishing one

The Punishing One's stern

Like many starships employed by fringe spacers, it began as a stock transport. The JumpMaster 5000, a crescent shaped transport, was the base of the ship, chosen for its ease of maintenance and simple customization.

Dengar modified the Punishing One to use a cutting-edge engine bay and armed the ship with a mini-ion cannon and proton torpedo launcher. He also modified a quad-blaster cannon to operate using an R2-series astromech droid built into the ship as a gunner, leaving him free to concentrate on flying. The increased sublight speed and weapons system gave Punishing One the punch it needed to handle any threats in realspace rather than relying on its slow Class 3 hyperdrive.

The ship was flown primarily by Dengar, though in 3 ABY, his girlfriend and future wife, Manaroo, piloted it. Dengar utilized the ship during the daring rescue of Boba Fett, after the Mandalorian fell into the Great Pit of Carkoon in 4 ABY.

Dengar also equipped his ship with a series of sensor beacons, which enabled him to monitor several different locations within a system at the same time. Punishing One contained no holding cells or cages, due to Dengar's tendency to take only dead bounties, or to work with other bounty hunters, such as Boba Fett.

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Punishing One SWGTCG

Dengar disembarks from Punishing One

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