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Punt was the king of the Gupins of the Forest Moon of Endor. He was the cousin of Mring-Mring and Oobel. He cast out Mring-Mring for being wingless. When the Grass Trekkers attacked the Gupin fortress where Punt lived, he was forced to give them the key to the Juniper Chest, an important source of power for the Gupins.

When Oobel and Mring-Mring, as well as Wicket Wystri Warrick and friends, recovered the ring, Punt initiated the formal Renewal Ceremony despite the fact that the fortress was under attack at the time to the frustration of the heroes. However, Punt failed to open the chest and even shattered the key in the attempt. However, while Punt was panicking, Mring-Mring was able to open the chest, fulfilling the Gupin prophecy that said that the Gupin who could do that would be king. As a result, the Gupins' powers were refreshed, and they were able to defeat the Grass Trekkers.

Afterward, Punt was taken to the new King. Although he was reprimanded for his greed, his ability to exercise authority was duly noted, and he was assigned third in command after Oobel.

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Punt was voiced by Rob Cowan.

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