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"The Purge Troopers have a protocol. Anyone who knows about the Emperor's fall is marked for death."
"That's crazy! The governor can't—"
"I'm not finished! It's anyone who knows… and everyone they've met. Friends, family, shopkeepers. The Purge Troopers are treating it like a disease. People who come in contact with the truth are tracked down, quarantined, and killed."
Riley and her sibling[1]

Purge Troopers were a feared group of elite Imperial stormtroopers who enforced the Empire's rule in the Anoat sector on behalf of Governor Ubrik Adelhard. They were led by Commander Bragh. They wore a heavy suit of armor similar[1] to that of the Phase II Dark Troopers, Imperial experimental units that were being evaluated some time between the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Hoth.[2]


Many of those troopers were originally recruited from gangs that fought in the Cargamalis Street Wars. Others were left on their own on crime-infested planets during training in order to suppress their empathy.[1]

Although it was very rare for Purge Troopers to defect, and much less to survive doing so, a few of them did. After running from their former Imperial comrades for some time, the defectors ultimately joined the Uprising.[3]


Purge Troopers were equipped with heavy armor. They carried a variety of weapons in their arsenal, such as flamethrowers, rocket launchers, heavy blasters, and sniper rifles.[1]



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