The Pursuer-class enforcement ship was a heavy patrol craft designed by MandalMotors for use by the Mandalorians. During the Clone Wars this type of starship was employed in policing Separatist-controlled worlds.


Slave2 schem

Pursuer-class ship schematics.

The craft was well armed for its size, with twin blaster cannons and a turret-mounted ion cannon, giving the ship formidable firepower. Military grade shield generators protected the Pursuer from harm.


The ships became popular with Spar and his Mandalorian Protectors during the Clone Wars, before being made available to police forces across the galaxy when Imperial advisors were placed on the MandalMotors executive board after the rise of the Galactic Empire.

Boba Fett used a modified Pursuer enforcement ship for a while, naming it Slave II. It was nearly destroyed when it crashed into a planetary defense shield around Byss, but Fett managed to survive and the ship was later stolen from a drydock.

PES Enkidu

The Enkidu.

One of the most infamous Pursuers was the Viraxo-owned vessel Enkidu, which harassed the Azzameen family in several unprovoked raids against Twin Suns Transport Services until it was destroyed by the Azzameens, ending the heated feud.[5]

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Mandalorian Protectors would use Pursuer-class enforcement ships to great effect, often with a slaved Gladiator-class assault fighter or two, to liberate worlds such as Gyndine. They would also see use during the Battle of Mandalore.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Pursuer was created from the INT-4 Interceptor via the method of "Chinese Whispers": The craft as described in Dark Empire is a description of the INT-4 (which was one of the few non-movie craft available at the time). This description was then used to design the Pursuer by an artist unaware of the INT-4 toy.[source?]



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