"Sufferin' satellites, boy!"

Putch Gundarian, also known as Uncle Gundy, was an elderly miner who worked in the caverns of the planet Tyne's Horky. Gundarian's adventurous nephew Jann Tosh often assisted him in the grueling work.


Several years prior to the Battle of Yavin, Tosh purchased two droids named C-3PO and R2-D2. He also befriended a simple-minded alien from Tammuz-an. The pragmatic Gundarian was upset with Tosh for purchasing a protocol and an astromech droid rather than the mining droid he had requested. Regardless, he put the droids to work and frequently abused R2-D2 by kicking him (which did more damage to Gundarian's toe and foot than it did to R2).

One day, Gundarian was working in the mines when a section of the shaft caved in. Tosh and the Tammuz-an ran in to aid him. The alien pulled Gundarian to safety before he could come to any serious harm. As a result, Gundarian named him Kez-Iban—a Bocce word that meant "He That Returns from Death". Gundarian eventually discovered that Kez-Iban was actually a deposed prince of Tammuz-an named Mon Julpa.

Before long, Jann Tosh, Mon Julpa, and the droids ran afoul of a criminal named Kleb Zellock. After driving Zellock away from Tyne's Horky, they took possession of his vast fortune of Keschel ore and paid Yorpo Mog as a miner. Jann gave the valuables to his uncle, turning him into a wealthy man.

Personality and traits[]

"Now remember his bark's worse than his bite."
―Jann Tosh[1]


Gundarian was a short, corpulent male Human with white hair tied in a ponytail and a long, unkempt mustache. He dressed in sturdy laborer's fatigues and was usually seen wearing a purple wide-brimmed hat. Gundarian was a hard-working and practical individual. He rarely tolerated his nephew Jann's sense of adventure and was prone to bouts of anxiety whenever things didn't turn out as expected. However, Gundarian was grateful to those around him and occasionally revealed that he did indeed have a soft heart where his nephew was concerned.

Behind the scenes[]

Dan Hennessey performed the voice of Uncle Gundy. Uncle Gundy was released as an action figure in 1985 as part of Kenner's Star Wars: Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO line. These action figures were size-compatible with the other Kenner Star Wars action figures, but design-wise they represented a completely different toy line

In "The Lost Prince", Gundy was animated with only four fingers per hand instead of five.



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