"This is the sort of thing that can only happen when the chain of command is not clear."
"It's clear enough. Pwoe chose to disregard it, is all."
Vana Dorja and Han Solo[src]

Pwoe was a New Republic Senator and self-proclaimed Chief of State.


At the start of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Pwoe was the Quarren Senator of the Calamari sector in the New Republic Senate and served on Borsk Fey'lya's Advisory Council. He was also one of the anti-Jedi members of the Council. His election to the Senate was a surprise, as almost everyone believed that Mon Calamari would continue to elect Mon Calamari representatives; some suspected that Fey'lya was responsible for his rise, probably as an attempt to ward off an appointment of Gial Ackbar to the Advisory Council.

Pwoe's ambition made him a natural competitor against Fey'lya's political greed, lending strength to rumors that Fey'lya pushed for his inclusion on the Advisory Council as an insult to the Mon Calamari despite the political threat Pwoe represented.

After the Battle of Coruscant and the death of Fey'lya, Pwoe, Chelch Dravvad, Niuk Niuv, and Fyor Rodan were the only Council members to reach Borleias. Pwoe seized the opportunity and declared himself Chief of State. He also declared that Cal Omas and Triebakk had been killed on Coruscant, though Luke Skywalker briefly wondered if they hadn't been left behind. With the support of the three remaining Council members, Pwoe ordered Wedge Antilles to sacrifice Borleias to the Yuuzhan Vong to allow the Council time to escape. Pwoe, however, was planning to buy time to surrender to the Yuuzhan Vong.

When Senators Omas and Triebakk resurfaced on Mon Calamari with most of the Senate, they called all surviving members to elect a new Chief of State. Pwoe, fearing for his political survival, angrily ordered the Senate to convene on Kuat to confirm his appointment. At this point, the other Council members realized his personal intentions. The Council abandoned Pwoe, the Senate rebuked him, and the Quarren withdrew his Senatorial status. In the subsequent election on Mon Calamari, Pwoe received three votes, but he declared the election illegal and those participating traitors. Cal Omas was elected, and his support diminished even further.

Struggle on YlesiaEdit

"Up until now I'd thought the Jedi were the most pompous, annoying gasbags in creation, but that was before I met you. You take the prize for the most preposterous, self-important, prolix fiasco I have ever seen. And on top of thatㅡ On top of that, sir, you are a fish! So sit down and shut up, before I take a harpoon to you!"
Thracken Sal-Solo to Senator Pwoe[src]

Pwoe, cut off from his ever dwindling supporters, attempted to make a separate peace treaty with the Peace Brigade and Supreme Overlord Shimrra, but was arrested by Jaina Solo and General Tigran Jamiro's forces when the New Republic attacked Ylesia. When the New Republic column was attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong, he was injured when a razor bug severed one of his tentacles.



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