"This is the home of the Fallanassi? It looks like Abeloth's planet in the Maw!"
Gavar Khai[2]

Pydyr, a moon of Almania, was the homeworld of the Pydyrian species.


Many cities on the moon were made of mudbrick decorated in the seafah jewels native to Pydyr. The Pydyrians used droids extensively to do the monotonous tasks, making life much easier for them. Their main export was once Pydyrian healing sticks.

The Pydyrians were represented in the Galactic Senate just before the Clone Wars by Wuja Wojaine. Wojaine was arrested for allowing Thalassian slavers to operate in the Almanian system in exchange for a share of their profits. Despite their wealth and neglect of their impoverished neighbor, Almania, the Pydyrians maintained very lax security on their homeworld.

The Almanian warlord and Dark Jedi Kueller used the Force to kill all save 1,000 of the Pydyrians in 17 ABY. Their homes and valuables were left untouched so that Kueller and his army could carry them off for themselves.

After the Black Fleet Crisis, the Fallanassi settled on the almost empty moon, living in peace with the native Pydyrians. However, in 44 ABY, a conflict occurred when Luke and Ben Skywalker were trapped on the moon and pursued by members of the Lost Tribe of Sith, as well as a group of Fallanassi.



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