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"Gamorr can put a boar on Pzob, but we can't…"
―Common expression for when a seemingly easy task could not be accomplished[src]

Pzob was a planet in the Herios sector of the Outer Rim Territories, settled by Gamorreans from the world of Gamorr a long period of time prior to the Battle of Yavin. The settlers, organized into various clans, constantly waged war on each other. All other concerns were secondary to the fighting, and as a result Pzob's inhabitants had a nearly non-existent relationship with advanced technology. The planet was covered in dark, dense forests with tall trees, an environment that greatly appealed to the colonists. Pzob's remote location, combined with the relative primitiveness of its inhabitants, led to it being considered a backwater world. However, this also contributed to the planet going untouched by all major galactic conflicts.

The Galactic Empire established a secret military base on Pzob in 18 BBY, intending to use the troops stationed there to man the Eye of Palpatine, an enormous warship. However, the ship was sabotaged by Jedi, and the stormtroopers on Pzob were left to their own devices. Nearly all of them were eventually killed in either internal fighting, or in Gamorrean attacks. When the Eye of Palpatine was re-activated in 12 ABY, several of the Gamorrean colonists—along with the sole surviving Imperial soldier—were captured by the ship's automated security systems.


"Only after I was living in the forest on Pzob I realized how much I loved it, how much I'd missed the woods and the trees of Chandrila."
―Triv Pothman, reminiscing about his homeworld[src]

Pzob, located in the K749 system of the Herios sector[2] in the south-eastern Outer Rim Territories,[3] was a remote world, far from most hyperlanes.[7] It was covered in thick forests of tall trees with leathery leaves, somewhat reminiscent of the rainforests of the planet Ithor. Most of the vegetation on the planet was dark blue-green, and the light from Pzob's sun bathed the environment in a golden hue. The planet's climate was temperate, and the atmosphere was breathable for both Gamorreans and Humans.[4]

Between 52[8] and 19 BBY, the area of space containing Pzob was considered to be part of Hutt Space.[9] Apart from the presence of a Galactic Empire base during the Imperial Period,[5] no major galactic power had anything to do with Pzob.[10] The remoteness of the Gamorrean colony led to it—at times—being cited as an example of a backwater world, out of touch with the rest of the galactic community.[9]


"The Gamorreans haven't stopped fighting each other long enough to set up a technological base of any kind on any planet where they've settled."
―Luke Skywalker[src]

The Galactic Republic discovered the world between 5000 and 3000 BBY,[11] and assigned it the Galactic Registry number 011-733-800-022.[4] Pzob was settled by Gamorreans from the nearby planet Gamorr generations[3] prior to 18 BBY.[5] This was considered unusual, as Gamorreans were not traditionally a colonizing species,[12] nor were they renowned for their expertise in manufacturing advanced starships.[13] The settlers organized themselves into clans, and started waging war on each other.[3] The constant feuding had an adverse effect on the technological development of the settlers, which meant that advanced technology was not commonplace on Pzob. The planet was rarely visited, with the last official report on Pzob being filed some time prior to 38 BBY.[4]

In 18 BBY, the Galactic Empire established a temporary[3] military base on Pzob with a crew of forty-five stormtroopers, not far from the territories of the Gamorrean Gakfedd and Klagg clans. This was part of a series of secret bases set up to eventually man the Eye of Palpatine, an enormous battleship commissioned by Galactic Emperor Palpatine.[6] Relations between the stormtroopers and the Gamorrean clans were peaceful at first, with the Imperial soldiers welcome to visit native pubs.[14] Before long, however, the warlike nature of the local Gamorreans[4] prompted them to field a series of skirmishes against the stormtrooper base.[5] The Gamorrean brothers Thok and Gorc of the Skunnt clan grew up on Pzob, and the Force-sensitive pair discovered their powers when Thok belched a ball of fire into the snout of his rival Scumbo. Believing that they would be able to use their powers to make their fortunes, Thok took his brother offworld.[15]


The ruins of the stormtrooper base on Pzob

As the wait for the Eye of Palpatine grew longer and ammunition ran low, the stormtroopers were all killed by either Gamorreans or through internal fighting. The only exception was Triv Pothman, who was captured by the Gakfedd clan. He served that tribe for two years, followed by a year of servitude to the Klagg clan, but eventually escaped and took to living in the ruins of the stormtrooper base.[4]

The Eye of Palpatine did not arrive until 12 ABY, having been halted for several years by Jedi interference. However, the Imperial sympathizer Irek Ismaren was able to re-activate the ship, prompting it to continue its original programming. This included picking up all of its contingents of stormtroopers on various Outer Rim worlds, which included Pzob. Arriving on the planet, the Eye of Palpatine was assaulted by Gamorreans, which caused it to activate security measures, capturing Pothman, members of the Gakfedd and Klagg clans, as well as the Jedi Luke Skywalker who was present on the planet to investigate a disturbance in the Force. The large ship was destroyed shortly afterward, above the planet Belsavis.[4]



Two Gamorreans from Pzob

Gamorreans were a sentient species of porcine humanoids, known for their cultural focus on battle. The green-skinned species sported prominent horns and tusks, and was organized in strict matriarchal societies.[16]

Pzob was the sole colony of the Gamorrean homeworld of Gamorr.[12] The thick forests were of particular appeal to the species.[4] The settlers arrived several generations prior to the start of the Imperial Period,[5] and soon started feuding amongst each other. Two prominent factions were the rival Gakfedd and Klagg clans. Warfare was a constant in the Gamorrean settlers' culture, and other concerns, such as technological development, were deemed to be less important. This focus on the clan war led to a very technologically simple society, which meant that droids were not welcome in the Gamorrean settlements.[4]


The feathered lizard, a small turquoise reptile, was native to Pzob. Also present was a species of forest-dwelling bipeds roughly the height of an adult Human knee.[4]


The Galactic Empire's military base was located particularly close to the Klagg clan's village,[3] but also in proximity to the settlement of the Gakfedd clan.[4] A location of some importance was the Pzob Forest Battle Yard, an arena-like structure where Gamorrean fighters could duel.[3]

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Pzob first appeared in the novel Children of the Jedi (1995) by Barbara Hambly. The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons (1998) included an entry for the planet, fleshing out a few more details. The planet was featured in the video game Star Wars: Rebellion (1998), which did not expand upon the planet; in fact, Pzob was represented with a generic planet model within the game. Pzob's location was finally pinpointed in The Essential Atlas (2009). Atlas author Jason Fry included a mention of Pzob in the planet entry for Gamorr, as a humorous aside to illustrate the unlikeliness of Gamorr establishing a colony world.[17]

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The PC game Star Wars: Rebellion mistakenly places Pzob in the Moddell sector. The Essential Atlas Online Companion lists a "Pzob system" instead of the K749 system.



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