"Mimbranes are as unreliable as they are cheap."

The Q'nithian mimbrane, also known as the mimbrane organism, was an unusual creature as it was essentially a living organic recording device. They appeared as thin pasty white sheets that were no longer than a Human finger. The creatures surface essentially consumed sound that was being emitted from its surroundings. They also possessed rudimentary sight buds allowing them to distinguish between light and dark. Though possessing small brains, the creatures would be trained to follow the simple commands of their owners to "play back" the sounds that they recorded. This made them the perfect recording "tool," as their small size—combined with their abilities—allowed people to smuggle them into conversations that they wanted to store for later use.

Mimbrane cross section

Cross section of a small mimbrane

Mimbrane organisms were grown in large colonies, one of which was present on one of the Q'nithian system's moons. This group lived deep within the fault and fissures of the planet's rocky surface.

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